Teach Your Kids To Fold Clothes

Some people think that stay at home moms are not busy. Well, they are wrong! I get so busy sometimes I feel like I can’t keep up. Everyone is pulling you in a million different directions and things get put off so that you can do something else more important. For me that thing that gets put off to the side is, wait for it…. Laundry. I can wash and dry it no problem but folding it is a completely different story. If you watch my youtube video you will see the giant mountain of clothes piled up in the background. I am human, I am a mom, I am busy, and I do not live in a magazine.

On that rare occasion when I do fold the clothes Wyatt and Echo sometimes try to help. EEK, I have a hard enough time folding the clothes without having to refold all the clothes they have tied in knots. I really do love that they try to help and I encourage it. I want my children to become productive adults so here is the best way to teach your children to fold clothes (in my opinion, anyway).

Start with a cardboard project display board.


Fold the middle section in half.


Cut one of the side flaps off.


Cut the middle section up half way on both sides.


Lay your shirt in the middle flip, flip, flip and you’re done. Be sure to watch my youtube video to see how my kids use it to fold their clothes.



What do you think? What clever hacks do you use to get your kids to help out around the house?


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