Surprizamals Toy Review

Hey guys! With Christmas right around the corner I will be sharing a lot of my favorite gift ideas for this Holiday season, starting with this one. These Surprizamals are too cute and they make the perfect gift for any child. 


My daughter was so in love with these when she opened them that they have been going everywhere with her. They are small enough to make great on the go toys but not so small that they get lost easily. The surprizamals also come with adorable names and info on their tags, I love that little touch that makes them seem much more special to a child.


  • They are super cute and soft
  • High quality
  • Collectible
  • So many styles
  • They are great for a wide age range
  • So much fun
  • They are affordable



  • When you take them out of the ball they are a little squished up ( but I’m sure I would be too if I were trapped in a tiny ball) You can easily wiggle them around and they regain their shape.
  • Great for any child but boy-ish options are limited


If you are interested in seeing more options or finding out where to purchase them look here:
Check out their commercial! How cute are they?!

You can also stay updated on their latest deals and information on Facebook.

*I received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest review.


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