Snap Bracelet Bun Holder

Am I the only mom of a little girl who just loves cute hairstyles? I look at all the adorable hairstyles people create on Pinterest and I just want to try them all out. I self-taught myself to braid when I was younger so that is a hairstyle I can do for my daughter. We can come up with some pretty cute styles myself but I have come to realize that since she started school most of those cute hairstyles take way too much time and only fall out by the end of the day. I have always loved the way buns look, they are so neat and elegant. So, I bought one of those bun roll things and gave it a few tries – those things are not my friend. After I finally decided to give up on bun hairstyles I saw a video for a product that you curl your hair around and then it snaps in place, I thought about it and realized it was pretty much like a snap bracelet. That is where this idea came from.

Check out my youtube video to see how we did it.

I found the snap bracelets at Walmart for $1 and the tape is from Dollar Tree. This bun is so easy to do and it stays in so long.

Since I first tried this out I realized that you can achieve a bun without using the tape or even 2 snap bracelets.

Although, it is easier. I was able to still make a bun with just one snap bracelet.

We had so much fun playing around with this idea. I hope this is able to help you achieve a quick and easy bun hairstyle, let me know what you think in the comments below.

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