Easy DIY Pallet Lemonade Stand

So it’s summertime! It’s time for hot weather, fun and maybe even a nice vacation. Guess what it’s also time for?! Summer boredom! Kids are out of school for the summer and driving parents crazy with their summer boredom. I am trying to find lots fun things for my kids to do, not only so they don’t drive me crazy but also to allow them to make some awesome memories.

One day last week the kids were bored and fighting so I told Brett and he suggested maybe having them set up a lemonade stand. Well, points for dad for coming up with an great idea! They had a blast.

Do you remember my Spring Pallet Sign? I had been thinking about what I should do with it since spring is over. I didn’t want to just keep painting over it for every season so we made out lemonade stand out of it.

Materials needed:
*Please use this tutorial as a guide, since all pallets are different I cant give exact measurements so please measure everything on your own to ensure your stand will be even. 

  • Pallet
  • Wooden board for the top
  • One 2×4 for the legs
  • Pallet board for the lemonade sign
  • One 1×2 furring strip to hold up the sign
  • Screws
  • Wood glue
  • Paint
  • Drill/ Screw driver

I started by measuring the height and width of my pallet. The width is how long you will want your board to be and the height is how long you will want your 2×4 to be.

I added wood glue to all of the places where I would be screwing in nails. Pre-drill holes to prevent the wood from splitting.


Screw on the legs. I plan to fill in the sides with pallet wood when I get another pallet.


Cut your furring strips to the height you would like them to be and screw then to your 2×4. Then screw on your sign and paint your stand.

DIY Pallet Lemonade Stand

I hope your little ones enjoy their lemonade stand as much as mine do. They made $11 their first day and I’m sure they will be out selling again soon.

DIY Pallet Lominade Stand

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