Denim Bracelet

So I was in the process of making a pattern for the sewing project I had planned for today and it just wasn’t going well. I will hopefully have that for you tomorrow, I am sorry gardening fans. Today I made bracelets out of old jean waistbands. Fun, I know! It is so easy too.

For this project you really only need an old pair of jeans and a sewing machine or needle and thread. I also used lace and beads but you can use pretty much anything to dress it up.

Cut off a section from both sides of your jeans so that you save the button. Measure your wrist and add about 3/4 inch.


Overlap the raw edges a little and sew down the middle.


At this point your bracelet should be complete and you can choose to decorate it however you want to. I am going to sew the lace down the middle of my denim.


Then Hot glue the beads on.


All done! Check me out. I feel like I am in the 80’s, puffy hair and all.


I hope you have enjoyed this easy to do tutorial. I will be back tomorrow with another awesome project. See ya.

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