Cuddle Pillow


This tutorial probably takes 10 minutes to complete.

You will need

  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine/ needle and thread
  • Button up shirt in the size you want the pillow ( I used an xxl flannel shirt I picked up at a thrift shop)
  • Stuffing

I used a flannel shirt but you could use any shirt, I also used an old pillow ( you could also use store-bought stuffing).

I started by cutting open the pillow and taking the stuffing out. Then I laid the shirt flat and cut up the side next to the buttons and around the collar keeping the collar intact.

After that was finished I turned the shirt inside out and sewed the end of the sleeve shut and along the body of the pillow leaving only the neck open.

Turn the shirt right side out and stuff with your stuffing. sew around the collar and you are done. Enjoy your cuddle pillow.


Update: It has been one year since I made this cuddle pillow and I still love it. I would recommend making one for any cuddler in your life. Happy crafting!cuddle-pillow

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