Best DIY Hacks For American Girl Doll

If you have an AG doll lover in your life than these DIY hacks can help save you a bundle on cute accessories. My daughter doesn’t have an Americal Girl doll but she does have a few 18 inch dolls that these accessories will fit. Have you seen all the adorable things you can buy for these dolls!? It makes me want to be a kid again so I can have my own.

When you have 2 kids and they both want all the fancy expensive things, finding ways to get a deal is important. Plus, you can make some pretty cool things that you can’t find in a store. Check out these awesome DIY hacks.


Every American Girl Doll needs a great place to sleep

Diy Doll Storage and bed

Keep your AG Dolls Tootsies warm

DIY Doll Socks

It’s time to eat

Tiny Doll Lunchbox

You can’t forget to wash your clothes

Washing Machine

Refreshing on a hot day

Snow Cones

Even AG dolls love Harry Potter

Harry Potter Robe

Time for school

Doll Backpack

Get some exercise

Rock climbing wall

Fancy skirt

Tulle Skirt

Pvc Pipe Gymnastic Bar

Gymnastics set

Hit the slopes

Ski and Pole set

If the snowcones don’t keep you cool then try these

Diy Freezepop

Every girl loves her shoes

Duct Tape Shoes


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  • Sam Franklin
    February 21, 2017 at 2:41 AM

    Ashley, these ideas are awesome! My girls love their American Girl dolls (you can’t buy them new here in the Netherlands but I managed to buy a couple of second-hand dolls online for a really good price).

    I just showed my eldest daughter and she wants to start making some of these cool ideas – like now, this minute – lol.

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