11 Great Ways To Organize A Small Craft room

I love to look around and see the huge and very well decorated craft rooms. They are great but we all can’t have a large space to play. I have a room that I am working on but it is also shared with a learning room for Wyatt and Echo.  That makes things a little difficult since they like to touch everything (ahh). I have been looking at ideas to make my space better and these are my favorite so far.
Mini Ironing Table I made one of these and I love it.
table ironing 007 ipiccy
Pegboard Wall  This is probably my favorite idea.
Sewing chair  Some of my sewing tools come up missing and it would be perfect to have a chair to hide them in.
Drop Down Cutting Table Great for small spaces without extra table space.

Shoe Storage for Storing Craft Supplies This idea could be used for paper, paint, spray paint, fabric, or craft supplies also.

over door shoe organizer 5

Sewing closet It wasn’t long ago that I had a sewing closet and I actually liked having a small space that could be closed off and hidden. This is the perfect idea for anyone without a whole room of their own.


Mason Jar Organization These are so cute and functional.



Diy Murphy Desk   This is an awesome space saving idea.


Ribbon Storage  I mean who doesn’t love pink framed ribbon storage.


Stamp Storage I love her whole craft room organization post.


Sewing Armoire This is a great way to save space and it makes a beautiful piece of furniture too.

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