10 Best Money Saving Shopping Tips

Lets face it, we are all consumers and most of us are guilty of overpaying for our goods and services. So, that’s why I am sharing my favorite sites and tips for saving money on shopping. 

When you need to buy something and you want to get it at the lowest price timing is everything. Here is a great list of when to shop.


Shopping at the Dollar Store is super fun and I always find something good there but it is nice to know what things are actually good to buy there.


If you are interested in couponing, this site has great tips for learning.


If couponing is your thing, or even just shopping deals you should start a stock pile. Not only does it save you money you also have extras in case you need something.


Save money by substituting foods. This tip may not save you a ton of money but some of these are also healthier.


You can save money by lowering your grocery bill. This blogger shares 11 ways she saves money grocery shopping and they work!


If you are a target shopper then you need to know these markdown days.


Save money at CVS

Save money at Bath and Body Works

Save money at T-Max

Save money at Victoria’s Secret

Save money at walmart

Save money at Costco

Save money at Aldi

I know I said 10 tips but I gave you a couple extra. I love saving money so I couldn’t stop at just 10. I hope this list helps you as much as they help me.

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