Crafts For Kids

    Paint Shirts Using Pointillism


    Hey guys! We love painting shirts, most of the time I paint designs on the shirts for the kids to wear but today I let the kids paint their own shirts using the Pointillism technique.

    Pointillism– is a technique of painting in which small, distinct dots of color are applied in patterns to form an image. Georges Seurat and Paul Signac developed the technique in 1886, branching from Impressionism.”

    I remember using pointillism in a middle school art class and being so fascinated by how all of the tiny dots come together to make a picture. So, when we saw an episode of Creative Galaxy on Amazon Prime one day and I knew they would love to try it. If you haven’t seen Creative Galaxy with your children, you should.

    Creative Galaxy is from Out of the Blue Enterprises the same makers of Super Why and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. Creative Galaxy is an animated art adventure series that supports creativity. The show allows children to create along with its characters by using art, crafts, music, stories and dance to express creativity. The interactive episodes encourage children to get excited about their own creative ideas and to use art and creativity to solve everyday problems! If you think the first season of Creative Galaxy sounds fun, you’re in for a surprise. Season 2 will debut on Prime Video on Friday, September 16! I can’t wait to see what they have come up with this season. Continue Reading

    Crafts&DIY Reviews

    Skull Halloween Decorations


    The best time of the year is right around the corner, well at least for me it is. FALL! The air is crisp, the leaves are falling and it’s time to start putting out those Halloween decorations. I love to find new DIY ways to decorate for the holidays. These skulls are a great way to add something extra and fun to your Halloween decor. Check out the Oriental Trading website when you are looking for all of your Halloween supplies.

    Continue Reading


    Topsy Tervy Scarecrow Pots

    Topsy Tervy Scarecrow pits

    It’s me again. I’m sorry it’s been a little while since my last craft tutorial, you know how summer is. The kids go back to school soon and this year Echo is going to (sad face). She has been my little side kick for so long, I’m going to be sad without her. On the plus side for you guys, I will have more time to share fun tutorials- YAY!! 

    I am so excited because fall is my favorite time of the year, give pumpkin flavored anything and fall decorations and I’m there. SO, I just couldn’t help myself, I had to start decorating early and it will probably keep going until I run out of room to put things.  Continue Reading

    Health and Beauty Tips

    Overnight Duct Tape Curls

    Do It Yourself Overnight DuctTape Curls

    If you have beautiful easily- managed curls then this tutorial is not for you and PS. I hate you (just kidding). I have naturally curly hair but it always seems to look like I stuck my finger in anelectrical socket, unless I use a ton of product and some form of heat. I have been seeing tutorials for no- heat curls and I wanted to try it out. I had 2 rolls of duct tape on hand so Echo and I gave it a try- she was more than happy to be the center of attention. These curls were easy to do and would be perfect for a easy back to school look. Continue Reading


    Give Your Plastic Storage A Face Lift

    Upgrade plastic Drawers with Fabric

    So, I am in the process of making Echo a vanity for her room. I know, she is only 5. When I say vanity I don’t mean a place for her to sit down and put on her pounds of makeup, because what 5 year old needs to wear makeup? I mean a place for her to keep all of her to keep all of her girly things (lip gloss, nail polish, hair accessories, etc.). When she keeps it in the bathroom her brother messes with it. She is going to school this year and I want her to have her own space to get ready in the morning. I am almost done with the vanity and I will do a tutorial but in the meantime I am going to give you guys an unfinished peek, in this post. So tell me what you think. Continue Reading


    Easy DIY Tiki Torch Tutorial

    How to make an inexpensive tiki torch with dollar store bottles

    Tiki torches make the perfect summer addition to any porch or patio. They are great for adding a little light at night or even to help keep the bugs away. We use them to keep those nasty mosquitos away, where we live they are everywhere.  The tiki torches that stake in the ground are great but I was looking for something that I can have a little closer to us when we are sitting on the porch.  They were so easy to make that I made a few of these. Continue Reading

    Crafts For Kids

    Silly Face Lego Storage

    Diy Silly Faces Lego Storage

    Hey guys! Sorry I have been MIA for a few days, it’s summer and these kiddos are keeping me busy. Well, now that I actually have a free minute let’s get started. If you guys are like me then Legos are a pain in your butt! They are so much fun for kids and they can spend hours and hours playing with them but when it comes to storing them it can end up being a nightmare. If you don’t separate them and your child can’t find the one he/she wants, then expect a mess, and the chance of you stepping on one grows higher and higher. Have you ever stepped on a Lego? If you have it’s not something you will likely forget. I like the idea of sorting by color but you can sort them however you would like Continue Reading